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**A Sloppy Gathering ** (!!!! Check OuT -----> BORA AKINCITURK the aRtIsT's arT New ART, it'S EVER LASTING ART, !!!! click the link !!! just click !!!! just 1 klikc away!! (after you read THIS) bora and/or an associate will make sure that this project periodically grows and is updated FOR£V£R. !!!! To check ouUt BORA AKINCITURK's new aRt,cliclk!! AFTER you finish reading this ! is ArT dead? Or is it allive? do you believe in aRt? BoRa tHinKs everything iZ possibl0!!! this art which is caLLed "A Sloppy Gathering" is about collecting random clip art images from Google, the words "clip art" are strictly required to be in the Google search when searching for an image..like if you want a hammer image for the gathering you type "hammer clip art" and search Google images. Then get a screenshot of the image palette and paste it on the bottom of the gathering, in a sloppy fashion. maybe later on when the rolls are really long they can be printed on a roll of canvas, or toilet paper, Bora Akinciturk, the artist, will make sure that this list is periodically growing.. that is his promise, but you as the viewer, it is your responsiblity to check on this link to make sure that Bora keeps his promise.. Thank you, now you can cLiCk and sEE the new ArT !!!!!!!!!! click here!! ! )

return of the mac, once again


dead pxl
    	                                                                                    THIS IS 4 THE P3OPL3 WHO LAIK DIS 5HIT                             																

From the Files of the Artist aka Also Known As the Artist

                                                                                                      ----  August 14th 1923, Belize



ᙢᎩ ᕈᖇᙓ♈♈Ꭹ ℱᒪᗢᙡᙓᖇ
ᓰ ᖙᗢﬡ'☂ ᙡᗩﬡ♈ ♈ᗝ ᕊᗴ ᗩ ᖇᘎᔕ♈Ꭹ ᔕ⋒ᓰ☂ ᗢℱ ᗩᖇᗰᗢᘎᖇ.
♈ᗝᙢᗢᖇᖇᗢᙡ ᓮᔕ N0W

                            (((((((((((((((((({{{{{{{{{{}                (((((({{{{{}                                    (((((((((((((((((({{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{}

behind my behind. and above your above.

what do YOU think of the future ? the oil of ᔕᖶᗴᕓ'ᔕ ᒍᘎᖲ Aleattin watching Aladdin when in Basel around 94 I am the serious joy]//// Screen Shot 00.04 Thu 03:03 ------------- This Message is a reminder to bac^^^the dime line lime light behind my behind. and above your above. finding out that in life one should live we are not sharks(punks); , we are just fools, fools in love. just in love LET IT GO LET I T G O LET IT GO L E T IT G O L E T I T G O He liked the job, (i came, for an interview) The air was rainy fog, the metal train moved fast into Norway My friend had friends from Norway, like a bag of coughs When they were studying everything was silent I just ate a bag of sweet chestnuts ================================================================= The moment has now passed, 1. Elelgance vrooT 2. 944 = similarity glasses 3. Oge %29 ===================================================YYYYYYY=================================================== ThF moment is now activated: ((travel options)) C A F D D B F A …soon they sang after they returned from 'the" holiday {The Opening Night was a Suck Sess} No.99 The reality was that no one knyyyyyyylfkllflflfll;;;;;;;8806067,,,,,aaapppppbbbblllllleft aft the losft and foundt.☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭ It wrote: ""Lana Del Rey is Yer Led Anal"" B4CKVV4RD5 卐 on the shiny marble metal block of art sitting lonely and bored in the middle of the posh saloon. The rich sapiens went out shopping for organic toilet paper. What is an ass hole but a mere portal to our insides. Sad melodies and glorious bass line. The statue sat alone. And bored. In the living room. They got married in Belgium or some shit couple years later. They merged their semen and impregnated a female human and bought the baby for the sum of 23.000 Klom. 卐 T Newer 4get to care 04.see pic said 1 wall said "some bit

street lites and dime line


Passwort: *****

B Flat, J Minor, C, C, U

thats the flag of human
once thought the deadliest creature known to humans,
the human,
is old
the human is weak,
the human is slow.

H Major, F, F, B Flat, C, C,

thats the flag of human
once was the master of the masters, and killer of the killers,
the human,
is wretched
the human is bleak,
the human is gone.